Saturday, May 28, 2011

Race Prep

Believe it or not you don't just need a good pair of running shoes to run. There is actually quite a bit of race prep that happens before a race.  Not only is there the training side of things (which is very important), but there are also the hotels to book, registrations to make, course maps to review, etc.

Tonight was filled with the joy of surfing the web to find a hotel close to the start/finish of the Detroit marathon. Even though I am looking for my hotel almost 5 months before the race, the "good" hotels are already booked. Mine isnt to far away from the finish line. Heck, even if I had to walk another mile to get back to the hotel, who cares...I just ran 26.

I also registered for the USAF half marathon in Sept. My goal is to finish under 2 hours. I'm not looking to crush my previous best because I have the full marathon just a month later. While examining the course map, I realized there are no hydration stations between miles 1.5 and 5. Then the next one isnt until about mile 9.25.

Maybe I was spoiled in Cleveland where they had liquids about every 1.25 miles. But this sounds to be more spread out. Which to me means, either I need to get a hydration belt, or fight the crowds for water. As much as I dislike the looks of hydration belts, I may use one for this race. Before I get one, I will need to double check the course map for Detroit. Originally, I was just going to carry some enery GU with me. But that will have to change if there are only a couple places for liquids.

So for everyone that thinks runners just show up and run, think again. Dont worry, there will be another blog closer to race day with all of the junk we pack!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Core Core Core

This is my first blog so forgive me if I don't have everything perfect. I figure if you haven't read any of my DailyMile updates, you probably wont read this so no point in reliving how I hurt my hip. While at the expo for the Cleveland Half Marathon, I spoke to the Medical Director and she believes my core is slightly week and the pain is coming from my hip muscles over working to support my leg and hip. I don't have any issues during a race, but the next day I will be tender. I made an appointment with the local chiropractor who is also a runner and had him work on me. I feel better than what I did but I'm still not 100%.

 2011 Detroit Free Press Marathon
Finishers Medal

I first visited with Dr. Dan on Monday. On Tuesday, my first run after Cleveland, I ran 4.5 Miles with my friend Deb M. The next day, I was sore, really sore. I have been working out and focusing on my core this week and have many sore muscles. But hopefully if I don't run for 2 weeks and keep working out, I can start picking up some miles.

I need to get healthy soon because my plan is to run in the Detroit Marathon in October. Prior to running in Detroit, I will probably run in the Air Force Half Marathon in Dayton in September. In case you don't know much about marathons, they are 26.2 miles. A half marathon is 13.1 miles (tricky huh). I have been asked why I am running in a marathon. The answer is quite simple. There is no other time you can run down the middle of a freeway and not have to worry about becoming a permanent speed bump.

Why run in Detroit when Columbus is closer, on the same day as the Detroit Marathon and I can run with friends? There are actually a few reasons.

  1. I have never traveled to Canada and the Detroit Marathon is partially run in Canada.
  2. The Detroit Marathon is the only marathon that I know of in which you run in a tunnel under a body of water.
  3. The Detroit Marathon medals look way cool.
  4. The hotel I am planning on staying at, is right by the starting line.