Saturday, August 13, 2011

Miles, Miles & More Miles

I would guess most runners have a demon that follows them when they run. For some it is continually trying to recover from an injury. Others may totally despise  running on hills. Other may hit their wall at the same distance. Someone else may battle with the little void in their head that says they cannot go any further and need to stop.

As the day for Detroit approaches, I keep thinking 26.2 miles? Really? I have never run that far in my life. The most I have ever run is 13.1. Plus, I have had hip flexor issues and shin splints this year. I know I need to put in some long runs. My mind is ready for them but my body isn't there yet. I'm not saying I have issues with the body, but the shins aren't 100% and I haven't been able to put in the miles like I should be.

I find myself questioning everything for Detroit. Do I need to get some new shoes and break them in? Will I turn in a decent time? Will I be able to find my friends in the crowds? Will I have enough GU? How much will the 125' elevation change at mile 3 effect me?

I have already put in 17 miles this week. That is actually quite a few for me coming back from an injury. The good news is the body seems to be holding up well. I kicked out a great 5 miles on the track this week and put in another good 5 miles at Dawes. Ideally, I would like to put in 14 tomorrow, but with my shins, anything over 10 will be seen as a success.

I need to forget about the distractions. I just need to focus on my training, Detroit will be a flat course and I will get through it. I also have two half marathons coming up before Detroit. I want to hit a PR at Emerald City then just take the USAF half as a training run and try to maintain a consistent 10 min pace.