Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dr. Bright

I went running on Saturday and this morning to intentionally try to aggravate my hip so Dr. Bright could find the issue. My hip didn't really bother me so I was a little worried the trip would be a waste of time.  I printed off my running records so Dr. Bright could review them (thanks to Dailymile.com). After a brief visit, Dr. Bright determined sanalydilsneisiosis. Not really, I just made the word up but it makes it sound like something serious doesn't it? I just have a strained hip flexor. He wants me to get just a few sessions of physical therapy then continue the exercises at home. Now the best news is that I can run as long as I'm not experiencing any real pain.

I'm planning on running a 5k in Mansfield on Saturday.  I know I am behind on my training but I cant over do it to much. On Saturday, I'm going to try to shave a few seconds off my PR, but I wont be disappointed if I'm under 26 min.

Let the training begin. I'm ready to aim for Detroit!!


  1. See you in Mansfield on Saturday! I'd sure like to hit a PR too!

  2. Good news, Karl!! I have had the same issue before and PT really helped! Good luck in your race on Saturday and on your training!

    Kim B